The first Eurostar London-Amsterdam arrives six minutes late

Last Wednesday, April 4, the first Eurostar departed from London to Amsterdam. The expected service left from St. Pancras at 8:31 am and arrived in the Dutch capital at 1:18 pm, six minutes later than the scheduled time.

With tickets starting at £ 35 each way, the railway company hopes that this new type of transport linking two of the most important European cities will soon become a powerful competitor of air service between London and Amsterdam.

The outward journey takes 3 hours and 41 minutes. The return, however, will last 4 hours and 49 minutes. This is because the passengers will have to make a change of train in Brussels since the Dutch authorities have not yet completed the passport control arrangements at the Amsterdam station. Eurostar has described it as a “temporary measure” while the governments of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands complete an agreement to allow checks to be made upon departure in Amsterdam.