South America

HSBC Sells Out of Brazil

August 10, 2015

HSBC Holdings announced that it will sell its Brazilian unit to Banco Bradesco SA for US $ 5.2 billion, coming out of the second largest emerging market economy after years of mediocre performance, according to Reuters. In a statement, HSBC said the agreement includes the sale to Bradesco of the HSBC Bank Brasil SA Banco […]

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Millions In Fake Money Seized

October 31, 2013

Peruvian police have busted a gang that produced fake, counterfeit, bills. Police have been trying to track gangs like this down for years before their money gets spilled into the market.

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North Korean Ship Found With Advanced Missiles

July 17, 2013

A ship has been caught on coarse from Cuba to North Korea after it was thought to be suspicious. It was found to be carrying some advanced missile equipment buried under 10,000 of sugar as it tried to cross the Panama canal. The crew put up a fight but were later detained.

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Colombia and Farc Rebels Make Peace

May 27, 2013

After decades of war the two sides are final starting to see the light and come out for talk, the first set of talks are aimed at the transfer of land and the rights they have to what. The second talk will be about the Farc participation in the government. The country is now working […]

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Autism awareness around the world

March 26, 2013

This the world witnessed international Autism awareness day. it a day to raise peoples awareness to the growing problem affecting nearly one in every hundred. The website had over 500,000 hits and worldwide international sites were lit up blue .

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The New Pope Frances I

March 13, 2013

The 1.3billion Catholics around the world are welcoming their new pope Frances I.¬† He was born to a rail worker from Argentina, living a humble life. Some are skeptical as to whether he is capable of dealing with all the controversy attacking the Vatican including the Vatican bank and reports of abuse. There are others […]

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The Falklands wants to stay British

March 11, 2013

The people of the Falklands have voted to stay under the British, the votes come after years of dispute between the British and Argentina over the ownership of the Islands. Briton and Argentina went to war over the Islands. Argentina still says it refuses to recognize the votes saying it doesn’t constitute fairness.

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Hugo Chavez lies in state

March 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez the¬†Venezuelan President died yesterday after battling for his life from a life threatening sickness. There is new wonder who will take over after Hugo’s 14 years in power. Some look to Nicolace Maduro while others want a new rule and laves.

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Hugo Chavez is back in Venezuela

February 18, 2013

Venezuelan president Hugo Chevez is back from Cuba after having surgery for cancer, he has been out of the country for more then a month. Hugo was realected as president for the third tim after already seurving 12 years in office. He is supposed to be in office for the next 6 years but no […]

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Solomon Islands tsunami

February 6, 2013

A big earthquake struck of the coast of the Solomon Islands, the tsunami was struck at 5ft high, there are a few claimed missing. There were other tsunami warning across the pacific but were later called off. The damage was caused to around 70-80 houses based of the coast on Santa Cruz island. Those missing […]

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