Middle East

Islam Brainwashing The West

August 20, 2013

In the past few years hundreds of converts have been set to Syria to fight. They had been brought up in normal British, French or other European countries and have been taken advantage of due to their issues and without even speaking Arabic have been brainwashed to fight against the Assad regime. Many of them […]

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Egypt Death Toll Reaches 500

August 16, 2013

Yesterday saw one of the bloodiest days in modern history for Egypt, more than 500 people were killed on the streets of Cairo in clashes between and are very cautions about whats going to happen next. There is great fears of civil war between the brotherhood and other movements.

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Iraq Hit By Wave Of Bombs

August 11, 2013

Just as Iraq began to celebrate Ead the holiday after the month of Ramadan, there was a string of terror attacks across the country. There are renewed fears that there will be a civil war between the Kurds and the other Islamic denominations in the country.

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Syrian Rebels Spreading Sharia

July 4, 2013

The Syrian rebels are religiously motivated and killing for religion, they are taking up arms and taking the laws into their own hands. They killed a 14 year old boy in the streets for blasphemy with out and trail. This is being condemned by many in Syria who are looking for new freedom. No one […]

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Egypt Given 48 Hours To Resolve Itself

July 1, 2013

The Egyptian army has given Morsi 48 hours to resolve the issues in his country before they hoist him out of power. The protestors had been calling for early elections but all they got was an apology. The people claim that all he did was help the brotherhood, 16 people have been killed in violence […]

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Zahra Running For Iranian President

June 11, 2013

A team of artists and bloggers have got together to bring out a political point by writing about a fictional character based on the mother of the protestor killed in 2009. The idea is of an Iranian woman coming to power and making changes that as of now are only dream able.

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The Problem With Turkey

June 5, 2013

The Turks have seen a few moves in the past years that lead them to believe that their president is a dictator trying to size all the power, on the other side there are people who see him as a very good president who cares about his people. Meanwhile he is on a tour throughout […]

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The Turkish Spring

June 3, 2013

What started as any other protest turned out to be the new Turkish spring, people protesting the Islamification of Turkey as well as the claimed dictatorship. The problem is the current President was democratically elected but its only a matter of time to see what will happen, so far thousands have been arrested and reports […]

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Syria’s Weapon Transports

May 29, 2013

Syrian rebels are currently being supplied weapons by the Qataris the Saudis while Assad is being supplied by Russia, Iran and helped by Hizballah, it looks like this violence will only spread and get worse. Thousands have been killed and the violence has also spread over the boarders to Turkey and Lebanon. The end is […]

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The Syrian Army Reclaims Qusair

May 21, 2013

After starting its latest intrusion into Qusair the Syrian army has now claimed a victory over the rebel held town of Qusair. Their are non verified claims to this with footage coming out only showing pictures of them on the outskirts of the town but this cant be verified at this point.

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