OPEC Losing As US Pursues Fracking

December 5, 2013

For the fist time in many years OPEC is starting to lose money as the US starts is big fracking idea. The US is now producing more oil then it has sines the 1970’s and will soon be overtaking the Saudis. This is creating a major concern for their competitors.

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Apple Hires Burberry CEO

October 16, 2013

The successful CEO of Burberry has now been hired by Apple to be in charge of certain expansion aspects as she expanded Burberry from being worth $2.1bn to more than 3 times that at $7.2.

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Facebook Faces Criticism

May 30, 2013

Facebook has come under some serious criticism after some of its top advertising clients complained about being seen adjacent to violent ans more specifically sex discrimination pictures. This seems to be a growing trend on Facebook and there is a call to either ban them of loose their customers. Facebook should not be a hub […]

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The Launch of the BlackBerry 10

January 31, 2013

After some time of being out the market, loosing many of their traditional users RIM has now changed its name to BlackBerry and also brought out 2 new phones. These phone have been two year in the making and is BlackBerry’s last chance to get back into the smartphone race. BlackBerry is looking to be […]

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Instagram to rethink itself

December 19, 2012

The Facebook owned Instagram, used to share photos on social media announced yesterday that it will now remove the new terms and conditions that suggested that it could sell private pictures for advertisements. Instagram had updated its user terms this past Monday with new policies that were scheduled to be implemented on January the 16th, […]

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Virgin Business Not Easy With India

November 7, 2012

Sir Richard Branson the UK Billionaire and Virgin boss has decided after 3 years on hold, to resume flights between the UK and India despite the losses. Branson personally flew to India for the new launch.  

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Alliance Direct Managment

November 5, 2012

Alliance Direct Management’s over-archive objective is to maintain the highest standards in client services, research market intelligence and trade executions. Our aim is to provide private clients with timely information and thoroughly researched investment guidance in order that the best opportunities for wells generation are recognized, understood and exploited for above average portfolio performance. Alliance’s […]

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Is China’s economic growth backfiring?

November 5, 2012

As China’s services sector is on the rise there are second thoughts about the worlds fastest growing economy. Could this be a pointer that the Chinese economy is slowing down? Septembers statistics show a rise form 53.7 to 55.5 in the non-manufacturing purchasing managers index. China has announced that it its had a rise in […]

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Still in the worlds top four, Singapore pushes ahead.

November 2, 2012

Singapore has kept its position as being the worlds fourth leading country in the financial hub as quoted by the Economic World Economic Forum (WEF), with a greater general score. It has increased its financial stability, with a strong trade balance, ever expanding international investment as solid currency its helped the Republic to keep its […]

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BTC Trading Inc – Seoul Korea

October 7, 2012

Three fundamental principles have underpinned our investment method since the creation of BTC Trading Inc. Our managers, analysts and advisors put them into practice on a daily basis, thereby contributing to the success and growth of BTC Trading Inc. Conviction based – management approach Conviction-based management on a human scale, rather than index-linked management determined […]

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