Record Typhoon Hits Land

November 10, 2013

The largest typhoon ever recorded has just hit the Philippians killing an estimated 10,000 people, it is still not clear the extent of the damage of if that number will rise. The winds hit the land at well over 200mph or 300kph. The storm is now heading for Vietnam where they are bracing themselves. The […]

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Singapore To Have Full Wi-fi

November 7, 2013

Singapore is looking to make its major city fully connected online with free WiFi every where. They are building these beautiful tree like antennas that make somewhat a n artificial.

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South Korea Builds Its Army

September 18, 2013

Asia is beginning to see a major arms race underway with South Korea just signing a multi billion dollar jet deal. There are other countries like Indonesia that are thought to increase their military spending up to 14bln by the year 2017.

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Autism awareness around the world

March 26, 2013

This the world witnessed international Autism awareness day. it a day to raise peoples awareness to the growing problem affecting nearly one in every hundred. The website had over 500,000 hits and worldwide international sites were lit up blue .

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Singapore’s death penalty

November 15, 2012

Finally there is hope to many Singaporean inmates, the Singapore government has eased up on the current death penalty for things like drug trafficking and murder. In a statement issued late Wednesday, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) said. This past Wednesday the parliament made changes which enables judges the ability to give a death sentences inmate […]

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Thuppaki Review

November 13, 2012

Finally one of the years most looked forward to movies is released. The film known as “Thuppakki”, is a culmination af many well known actors and stars namely Klaippuli S Thanu, Harris Jeyaraj, Sreekar Prasad and Santhosh Sivan each with their own claims to fame. This full action packed film was directed by A R Murugadoss who […]

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Still in the worlds top four, Singapore pushes ahead.

November 2, 2012

Singapore has kept its position as being the worlds fourth leading country in the financial hub as quoted by the Economic World Economic Forum (WEF), with a greater general score. It has increased its financial stability, with a strong trade balance, ever expanding international investment as solid currency its helped the Republic to keep its […]

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