China Builds A New Nose

October 1, 2013

A Chinese man has had a new nos constructed for him on his own forehead by Chinese doctors. This is the first time such a thing has taken place on a person before and the operation will soon be underway to put it where it belongs.

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Nairobi Attacks Kill Many Internationals

September 24, 2013

The Nairobi mall terror attack has been called an international attack as there were many tourists and international workers there. At least 6 British nationals were killed as well ans many others from all around the globe. There has been a great condemnation on the attacks.

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South Korea Builds Its Army

September 18, 2013

Asia is beginning to see a major arms race underway with South Korea just signing a multi billion dollar jet deal. There are other countries like Indonesia that are thought to increase their military spending up to 14bln by the year 2017.

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John Kerry Says Now Before Its To Late

September 9, 2013

The US secretary of state John Kerry has called for the world to punish Assad for the chemical attack. He has been met with much opposition from the outside world. He says nothing will solve the issue at hand but there needs to be a clear message, that chemical attacks will not go on without […]

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US Still Unsure About Syria

September 3, 2013

The Us Congress is going over the possibility of targeting sites in Syria as a punishment for using gas against its own people. France is very determined to go ahead with it while the US is still unsure. Obama drew a red line some months ago and has failed to keep to his word , […]

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Obama Cancels On Putin

August 8, 2013

President Obama has canceled his scheduled meeting with Putin later on this month, his claim is that the US differs to much with Russia and that talking is not going to solve anything, its just a waits of time. The biting point was when Russia decided to give a one year asylum to Edward Snowden, […]

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China VS Japan Video Game

August 2, 2013

There is a growing tension among the peoples of China and Japan over the disputed islands. An online computer game created by the military has been launched that depicts a war between the two countries in which the goal is to conquered the islands. This game seems to be a big hit and may be […]

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Snowden Gets The Russian Pass

July 25, 2013

Edward Snowden has been given the go ahead by Russia that he may leave the airport. Reporters ran into his lawyer who said that he is still not planing to leave. But had with him some books to read as well as a change of clothing.

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North Korean Ship Found With Advanced Missiles

July 17, 2013

A ship has been caught on coarse from Cuba to North Korea after it was thought to be suspicious. It was found to be carrying some advanced missile equipment buried under 10,000 of sugar as it tried to cross the Panama canal. The crew put up a fight but were later detained.

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Taliban Attacks Presidential Palace

June 26, 2013

The Taliban has attacked the Afghan Presidential Palace just days after the Afghan authorities agreed to meet with them together with the US, this just comes to prove the kind of terrorists the US it now giving in to and how weak their foreign policies are. The Terrorist group came into the compound with fake […]

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