General Motors Become Privatized

December 11, 2013

General Motors has finally become fully privatized after the re was a fear that the company could file for bankrupts and cause hundreds of motor business to be at risk and thousands of people loosing their jobs. The move lost the US government $10bn but many say it was worth it.

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US Face Up To Chinese No Fly Zone

November 27, 2013

Just days after China had declared a new no fly zone of its borders, the US decided to fly a couple B52 bombers into it. There has been no word back from the Chinese on the matter but it was a clear sign that the US has no respect for the new institution.

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West Makes Deal With Iran

November 25, 2013

The US secretary of state has come out to say that the deal with Iran makes the Middle East a safe place. It seems that the US’s foreign policy is getting even more delusional by the day. Just last week Iran called America the evil of evils and the only cure is to destruction. Who […]

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China Builds A New Nose

October 1, 2013

A Chinese man has had a new nos constructed for him on his own forehead by Chinese doctors. This is the first time such a thing has taken place on a person before and the operation will soon be underway to put it where it belongs.

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South Korea Builds Its Army

September 18, 2013

Asia is beginning to see a major arms race underway with South Korea just signing a multi billion dollar jet deal. There are other countries like Indonesia that are thought to increase their military spending up to 14bln by the year 2017.

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China VS Japan Video Game

August 2, 2013

There is a growing tension among the peoples of China and Japan over the disputed islands. An online computer game created by the military has been launched that depicts a war between the two countries in which the goal is to conquered the islands. This game seems to be a big hit and may be […]

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Edward Snowden Looking For Asylum

June 24, 2013

Edward Snowden is now on the move, the initial thought were that he would be staying in Hong Kong but now the US government has sent Hong Kong and arrest warrant but the Chinese authorities asked for more details, in the mean time he hopped on a plane to Moscow. It is thought that he […]

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Obama’s Nuclear Pledge

June 20, 2013

The US president Obama has spoken at the G8 Summit and pledged to the world to cut down on its nuclear supplies, he has spoken to Russia and is cutting down on his own US hull. He calls for a nuclear free world in which however bad things get things won’t be sorted out by […]

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G8 summit Held In Ireland

June 17, 2013

The G8 summit is being held in Ireland this year. The main topic of interest is thought to be about the situation in Syria an what can be done about it. The police presence is immense as there are fears that some of the Irish terrorists may find this a good opportunity to strike.

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Snowden’s Whereabouts Still A Mystery

June 14, 2013

Edward Snowden’s whereabouts is still unknown although it is thought that he is still hiding out in China somewhere. Critics are saying it is most likely that Hong Kong will hand him over in order not to get caught up in any issues with the United States.

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