BTC Trading Inc – Seoul Korea

Three fundamental principles have underpinned our investment method since the creation of BTC Trading Inc. Our managers, analysts and advisors put them into practice on a daily basis, thereby contributing to the success and growth of BTC Trading Inc.

Conviction based – management approach
Conviction-based management on a human scale, rather than index-linked management determined by mathematical models, reducing crosstalk from market indices, our fund management favours maximum flexibility in investment decisions.  Our responsible and specialised asset managers, thrive on group discussion, whilst creating portfolios that are true to our convictions, unconstrained by sector and geographic limits, often with a long-term vision.

A narrow range
Since our launch, the company has remained faithful to the same principles: manage only a few funds, but do it well.  We strive to ensure that the range is concentrated on flagship products.

Each new fund is the result of our internal expertise combined with the identification of new investment opportunities for our clients. Compliance with this principle, style and adherence to this principle, is the cornerstone of our management style’s success.

Our management approach favours teamwork, idea sharing and cultural and geographic diversity. It is a real shared venture connecting 39 fund managers and analysts.

The management team boasts a wealth of expertise: equity markets, bonds and macro-economy. The daily exchange of viewpoints and knowledge is essential. Each manager benefits from the team’s combined input, which enhances their individual experience and convictions.

BTC Trading Inc is an offshore investment and private trading company based in Seoul, South Korea, providing you with the keys to financial freedom by focusing on foreign investments, stock trading and accounts management.

BTC Trading Inc is here to provide all international investors with trading support and advice enabling our clients to go that extra mile without stress in order to create and ensure they have financial freedom no matter what the changes are in the markets, natural resources and economic status.

[Updated in 2018 to include video]