Month: October 2013

Millions In Fake Money Seized

October 31, 2013

Peruvian police have busted a gang that produced fake, counterfeit, bills. Police have been trying to track gangs like this down for years before their money gets spilled into the market.

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Snowden Exposes The NSA

October 29, 2013

The Guardian newspaper still has thousands of secret documents that were given to them by Edward Snowden explaining the size of the US spy machine. In recent weeks there have been some major exposures that have totally changed the relationships between the Europeans and the US.

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Sydney Opera House Turns 40

October 28, 2013

The Sydney opera house has just celebrated it 40th year, some call it the 8th wonder of the world as it attracts millions of visitors to the city each year. It is though to generate more than 1 billion dollars.

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Prince George Is Christened

October 23, 2013

The United Kingdom has just celebrated the Christening of its crown prince, Prince George. The prince was dressed in the traditionally worn lace clothing that was worn by his father and his grandfather by there christening over the past decades.

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Syrian Refugee Crisis

October 22, 2013

Italy is wrestling with the Syrian refugee crises with hundreds of people trying to get into its country illegally as they flee their homeland. Many have died and lost everything. There is much criticism that the Italian authorities are not treating them with the required respect and sometimes leaving theme for two days without giving […]

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Australian Forest Fires Worst In A Decade

October 17, 2013

Australian firefighters are struggling to control the worst fires they have seen in a decade. There are around 80 fires and 600 firefighters working on them day and night. The dry season is not helping and the fire is continuing to spread and get closer to big cities like Sydney.

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Apple Hires Burberry CEO

October 16, 2013

The successful CEO of Burberry has now been hired by Apple to be in charge of certain expansion aspects as she expanded Burberry from being worth $2.1bn to more than 3 times that at $7.2.

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World Bank Concerned About US Spending

October 14, 2013

The World Bank has sent out a warning to the US telling it that if it does not reach some kind of agreement by the 17th of October then there will be irreversible colossal damage done to the international worlds, especially in developing countries. The US has been debating raising its debt ceiling for some […]

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Taliban Wants Talks

October 10, 2013

The Taliban has said it will be willing to meet with officials as long as they come to them. The head of the Taliban currently has a $5m bounty on his head, there are those saying that this idea is insane and why were we fighting them for 12 years if this is what it […]

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Cheap Flights Cheap theft

October 4, 2013

Criminals are now using the European cheap flights to get around in serious crimes like pickpocketing and stealing language. Crimes like this seem to be on the rise especially in certain places. It seems that gangs as well as culture are to blame for this.

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