Month: May 2013

Facebook Faces Criticism

May 30, 2013

Facebook has come under some serious criticism after some of its top advertising clients complained about being seen adjacent to violent ans more specifically sex discrimination pictures. This seems to be a growing trend on Facebook and there is a call to either ban them of loose their customers. Facebook should not be a hub […]

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Syria’s Weapon Transports

May 29, 2013

Syrian rebels are currently being supplied weapons by the Qataris the Saudis while Assad is being supplied by Russia, Iran and helped by Hizballah, it looks like this violence will only spread and get worse. Thousands have been killed and the violence has also spread over the boarders to Turkey and Lebanon. The end is […]

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Colombia and Farc Rebels Make Peace

May 27, 2013

After decades of war the two sides are final starting to see the light and come out for talk, the first set of talks are aimed at the transfer of land and the rights they have to what. The second talk will be about the Farc participation in the government. The country is now working […]

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Swiss Banks On The Chopping Block

May 22, 2013

Europe is pressuring Switzerland to open up its secret banks in which $1 Trillion dollars have disappeared into in the past year.  Switzerland, known for its stubbornness is very reluctant to give in to the idea but is split about it. But most believe that the Swiss won’t give in.

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Apple Avoided Taxes

May 22, 2013

The US claims that Apple had avoided paying over $1m of tax each hour of the year 2012 that amounts to over $9bn the executives have some explaining to do.  People are claiming it to be unjust and should be sorted out.

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The Syrian Army Reclaims Qusair

May 21, 2013

After starting its latest intrusion into Qusair the Syrian army has now claimed a victory over the rebel held town of Qusair. Their are non verified claims to this with footage coming out only showing pictures of them on the outskirts of the town but this cant be verified at this point.

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Ammonia Leak Makes History

May 12, 2013

Ammonia flakes has been reported floating away from the international space station this past Thursday. it prompted the fastest ever prepared space walk in which two astronauts took on the mess to clean up the damage and exchange cooling systems on the outer part of one of the compartments. the mission was successful and accomplished […]

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People Killed as Genoa Ship Hits Tower

May 8, 2013

In the middle of the night a ship, in perfect whether crashed into a control tower causing immense damage. The cause is still unknown but is being looked into by the authorities.  This comes after a few ship accidents in the recent months causing a big call for the safety precautions to be reviewed.

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Missing Plane Found

May 6, 2013

Over a year ofter the plane took of and after the snow has finally melted a missing jet has been found in the Russian mountains. It is believed to have taken off without permission by a pilot and his friends after they had been out drinking. It is said that 11 bodies out of the […]

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Syria Conflict Goes ON

May 3, 2013

Another bloody day in Syria as there are reports that there has been a massacre in a small village killing around 40 people. There have also been pictures of seven people in pools of blood claiming to have been from this incident. It is never clear with any information coming out of Syria is it is […]

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