Month: March 2013

Dock workers strike in Hong Kong

March 31, 2013

Dock workers have gone on strike in Hong Kong after they have finally had enough, they work hard and haven’t had a raise with all the inflation in at least 10 years. They say that living costs are just to high and they can’t service. They are calling for a 20% pay raise while their […]

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Joss Stone’s attempted murder

March 28, 2013

Joss Stone has a close call this past week as two men were arrested on attempt to kill the singer in her house. She had no idea that she was in danger but to police were alerted as the neighbors has seen some suspicious activity. Quite comically the two guys had had an accident on […]

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The US starts Fracking

March 27, 2013

Fracking is becoming ever so more common in the industrial gas worlds. It has its risks but in a small town that has never seen or experienced a strong economy this has proven to be useful and a strong income for all. This may be a small step but a step towards the US being […]

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Autism awareness around the world

March 26, 2013

This the world witnessed international Autism awareness day. it a day to raise peoples awareness to the growing problem affecting nearly one in every hundred. The website had over 500,000 hits and worldwide international sites were lit up blue .

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Buddhist Monks oppose the Islamic expansion

March 25, 2013

In resent years the world has seen a raise in Islamic wars. The Buddhists of Sri Lanka do not want their country to turn Islamic so they have started to take things into their own hands. Protests and government is what they use to win.

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Cyprus, just days to go

March 24, 2013

Its been a long struggle, and still no light at the end of the tunnel. There are more meeting and loans being discussed 24/7 until the solution is met. The country is on the verge of collapse and the people are getting restless. Some more ideas have come up but nothing is finalized yet. The […]

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Cyprus in turmoil

March 21, 2013

MP’s and bankers clash in Cyprus as the country discusses terms for a bail out. The cash machines are empty and the people are protesting. This could have catastrophic consequences for individuals especially is a bank closes down. Ministers need to work out a way to find a buyer or raise $6billion.

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Cyprus banks closed for the next few days

March 20, 2013

A desperate situation is arising in Cyprus as the banks close for the next week. Leaders are having emergency meetings after the first idea fell through. Bankers are determined to find a solution before the country makes some real issues for the whole of Europe. Russia may help out if it gets a part of […]

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India needs new rape laws

March 19, 2013

In the past police have not been helpful at all towards rape victims in fact they have been very disappointed trying to convince people to forget about it. They also say that they will have issues when the try to get married. Some even blame the girls for being raped saying they invited it on […]

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Dubai builds super Solar power

March 18, 2013

Dubai has built the worlds biggest solar power station with the power to generate enough electricity for over 20,000 homes. Solar power is still in its infant stage so this is a great opportunity to experiment as Dubai is an oil rich country with money to spend.

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