Month: February 2013

North Korea’s ideologies

February 14, 2013

What is North Korea thinking? Whats motivating them to live the way they are? half the countries is dying of hunger yet they still push on for a stronger military and nuclear weapons. Whats going to be their future? Is isolation really  going to solve this issue? all its done so far has pushed them […]

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Kate Middleton Baby Bump Photos Released

February 13, 2013

There is a great disappointment from the royal family after and Italian magazine published photos of the royal couple on a holiday. They claim to have a pic of the duchess with her baby bump making it the first  public picture to be published. The baby is due to be born in the summer time.

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Europe’s horse meat scandal

February 12, 2013

There is a big stir up in Europe over it food industry after horse meat was found in a beef lasagna in England. This has now lead to a European search as to how and where the horse meat came from. It has also lead into investigation into other products sending thousands of products to […]

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North Korea’s man made earthquake

February 11, 2013

There is great concern after North Korea defied all calls not to go ahead with its nuclear tests. Today a 4.9 earthquake was felt in full nuclear explosion style in North Korea as it carried out its nuclear test. Some say that this deeply distresses China its best ally in the region.  China had been […]

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Gao comes after heavy attack

February 10, 2013

After driving the rebels out the French are now under attack form suicide bombers. Today was the second kind of attack like this since the operation began. The region s becoming ever so unstable people are not sure of themselves, the french are setting up checkpoints all over Mali.  here is a call for jihad […]

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Horsemeat scandal leads to Romania

February 8, 2013

After the last few weeks there have been claims that horse meat was found in beef labeled goods in various British supermarkets. Since then they have all been taken of the shelf and in France they have also been looking into Their products. There has been an wide uproar from the public community saying that […]

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Solomon Islands tsunami

February 6, 2013

A big earthquake struck of the coast of the Solomon Islands, the tsunami was struck at 5ft high, there are a few claimed missing. There were other tsunami warning across the pacific but were later called off. The damage was caused to around 70-80 houses based of the coast on Santa Cruz island. Those missing […]

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The UK’s own Antarctic research centre

February 5, 2013

Costing over 40 million pounds The United Kingdom has made a brand new top of the range research center in Antarctica. This in going to be a new hub for British research in the south pole. This project has been announced on the 100 anniversary since the first British explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott hod […]

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Chris Kyle murderer in jail

February 4, 2013

Ray Routh the man accused of killing the renowned US Navy Seal Sniper has been shot by a stun gun in prison after he went violent in prison, while in solidarity confinement. He refused to give back his food tray and attempted to attack the guards. The 25 year old was reportedly suffering from PTSD […]

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France to protect Niger uranium mine

February 3, 2013

The worlds fifth largest uranium mine is now being guarded by french special forces. After last months horror kidnappings and deaths France does not want to take any more chances. France is a big consumer of this uranium that provides its whole country. Basically France is being a big bully only interested in its own […]

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