Month: February 2013

Pope Benedict XVI formally steps down

February 28, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI has officially stepped down from his position as pontiff, after his last address he went of to his life in a chopper. He sent his blessings and says he will be spending the rest of his life in prayer. The Pope is stepping down due to his bad health, according to some […]

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EU caps bankers bonus

February 27, 2013

European Union officials have made a new law that entails putting a cap on bankers profits, the EU is trying to push for it while England is very against it claiming it will be shunning away real talent. Due to the huge bank bail outs there has been much criticism.

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Michelle Obama gets Photoshopped

February 26, 2013

Iran has published pictured of Americas first lady by the Oscars but photoshopped it to cover more of her chest and shoulders. This is in order to uphold their laws on modesty. This came on the same day that Iran called the film on the Iranian kidnapping a distortion of history. They distorted the history […]

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Oscars still the most sort after award

February 25, 2013

After years it still seems that the Oscars is still the most watched award show around the world. There have yet been other awards lik3 the Grammys or the Tonys but The Oscars still attracts the biggest international audience, newspapers and magazines. Although the the show is long there is some speculation that if it […]

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DNA junk study

February 24, 2013

Scientists now think they have discovered a group of DNA which they call PTEN that are pseudo like DNA that they say are linked to cancers. The research suggests that is they clear away these DNA then there is a greater potential of curing the cancer. These are being experimented with all around the world […]

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China and Japan squabble

February 22, 2013

China has demanded an explanation form japan after it accused China of using its territorial disputes with other nations to maintain domestic support. China strongly disagrees with this and finds it insulting. China has been doing its best to build good relations with Japan but says this is a step to far and won’t tolerate […]

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Sony’s PlayStation 4

February 20, 2013

There is a lot of hype out there in the anticipation of the out coming PlayStation 4 that is scheduled to be coming out soon, there are all kinds of theories as to what new features it will have. Sony has always been at the forefront of the gaming experience and promises no to fail […]

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China behind universal cyber attacks

February 19, 2013

There has been a major rise in the recent cyber crimes, and as well as very sophisticated organized crimes. The US Pentagon has set upĀ  a department specifically designed to find and locate the source of these and the results continuously trace back to china. The claims are that China has been beefing up its […]

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Hugo Chavez is back in Venezuela

February 18, 2013

Venezuelan president Hugo Chevez is back from Cuba after having surgery for cancer, he has been out of the country for more then a month. Hugo was realected as president for the third tim after already seurving 12 years in office. He is supposed to be in office for the next 6 years but no […]

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Al Qaeda kills 37 in Baghdad car bombing

February 17, 2013

Al Qaeda is till up and running as it still continues to lauinch its deadly terror attackes against its fellow musmons. 37 people were killed in a suicide bombing. in a mainly Shite area of Baghdad. They claim that these attacks came as a revenge for the attacks on the Sunnis attacks. The bomb wounded […]

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