Month: November 2012

What the Eclipse did to our moon

November 29, 2012

Most probebly wern’t aware of the lunar eclipse that accured last night, rhis is one of those meraculos acourences that happen from time to time. Many ostronemas and starwatchers from around the world were anticipating its ocurences and watched the whole thing. This wasn’t one of those typical eclipses rather it just dimmed the moon […]

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Aam Aadmi Party

November 28, 2012

The new Aam Aadmi Party has already proved its popularity with more than 20,000 unique hits on google in the within the first day of its formation. It may be new but is definitely showing signs of popularity within India. Aam Aadmi Party is a social activist party started by Arvind Kejriwal this year on […]

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Angus T. Jones: TV is full of ‘filth’

November 27, 2012

One of the main actors of the TV “Two and a Half Men” Angus T. Jones, has come out to say that he highly recommends people not to watch the show, he says all it does is fill your head with filth. The star of CBS’s raunchy television comedy says the viewers should just change […]

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Obesity is not an excuse to delay execution

November 26, 2012

Ronald Post a 54year old, 400 pound inmate on death row, due for execution in January has filed an official complaint to the court that he may feel severe pain due to his medical condition. The court has since rejected his claim.  

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Big storms heading for the UK

November 22, 2012

There are heavy rains with winds up to 100mph in the UK they a causing major damage as well floods which are closing down roads, which is making travel a nightmare. Businesses and home owners alike have been driven from their homes and offices with no power. Hundreds of people heve been evacuated to safer […]

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Black Friday more popular than Thanksgiving

November 21, 2012

Black Friday is becoming one of those looked forward things, where people camp outside in their tents waiting to be the first to grab their great deals. On thanksgiving some major stores like Toys R Us,¬†Wal-Mart and Sears are only opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving. There are some other large companies opening later on at […]

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Great deals to boost Air India’s seasonal travel

November 20, 2012

During the peak seasonal travel time around January March time, there’s been a short term deal put in place inorder to attract travelers. The plan is scedualed to start on the 16th Jan till 31st Mar 2013, the deal it specificaly focused on domestic flights. This special sale if only going to be open for […]

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Barack Obama humbled by Burma journey

November 19, 2012

Obama has praised Burma and said its been a “remarkable journey” of transformation that still has a way to go. Barack Obama is the first US president to ever visit the South East Asian nation. During is talks Obama said that it was the desire for change that and reform that had brought them so […]

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Singapore’s death penalty

November 15, 2012

Finally there is hope to many Singaporean inmates, the Singapore government has eased up on the current death penalty for things like drug trafficking and murder. In a statement issued late Wednesday, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) said. This past Wednesday the parliament made changes which enables judges the ability to give a death sentences inmate […]

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India Oct refined palm oil imports down 45 pct m/m

November 14, 2012

Because of the cheaper Indonesian palm oil, India has now taxes its imports dramatically in order to boosted the local farming. It has caused the oil market to fall sharply in October. India, is the worlds largest consumer of oil products and in October alone imported over 61,000 tonnes of palm oil which is just […]

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